Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tapestry of Grace: Week 29/30

This week, we did a catch-up week and combined weeks 29 and 30.  We got behind a few weeks back when we stretched week 25 over two weeks because we were traveling...

So this week, we learned a lot about the culture and life of the people in the Roman Republic, and how things shifted rom a republic to an Empire.  We read about Latin and learned some basic phrases, and common English words we get from Latin.  We attempted to make Roman shoes, but it never did get finished! : )

We've also been reading about Jesus in the Bible.  Luke got his own full "Reader's" version of the Bible this month, and has been having a time of reading a story each day in it in the morning.  He's really enjoying that time!  So far we're up to the miracles of Jesus.

I didn't get many pictures of this week, except for a crayon engraving we did.  So I'll post some photos of art we've done over the past few weeks!

 Artists see lines.  Leaf rubbings to observe all the different lines....

 Artists see form.  Using different shapers to build another form.
Crayon Engraving.  We colored a piece of heavy paper all over with crayon, then painted over it with black paint mixed with dish soap. Then scratched a design in it.  You can simply repaint, and rescratch to make designs again and again!  Fun!

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