Monday, April 1, 2013

Auntie Bimla

Since we returned to South Asia in February, we have been blessed to have Bimla living with us and helping me around the house.  She has the sweetest spirit.  She loves the kids.  She's a fantastic cook.  She helps.  She serves.  With joy.  She is a gift from the Lord.  I don't know what I would do without her.

God has been so good to me.  She has such a pure, kind heart.  She senses what I need and just does it. When Meryn is screaming and being demanding and I'm trying to teach, Bimla swoops in and picks her up and goes off to play, dropping whatever she was doing before.  When it's time for lunch, she never asks me, "What should I make today?" She simply goes in the kitchen and figures something out with what we have, because she can tell I'm already overloaded with interruptions and we're trying to finish math.

When she has something on her mind or heart, she talks to me.  We have the greatest conversations.  A few weeks after she got here, she shared with me that when she was a child, she was in a circus and performed on the tight rope and trapeze, as well as in a 10-hoola-hoop act.  I made her promise her mother would bring pictures of this when she comes in April. :)

Today, we had another one of those heart to heart conversations.

There is a beautiful, large home across the street from our flat.  Since we're on the second floor, we have a really good view of people's lives below us.  This house has a big lush, green yard, lined with gorgeous potted plants.  A long driveway where children ride their bikes in safety.  A four member family that look incredibly happy, content and full of love.  I often look over at that home and admire how comfortable it seems, how happy it looks, how well it is kept.  Often when we visit people who have a nice home, I marvel at how clean the floors are... I think to myself, they must have trained their helpers really well to have floors this clean all the time.... I wish my floors were this clean...

But today, Bimla shared with me that she met the house keeper from the house across the street yesterday.  They're both from Nepal, so had an instant bond and began sharing.  Bimla said this lady began telling her how awful things were in that beautiful house.  How she works from early in the morning till late at night, and is yelled at all day long.  No one appreciates her work.  The family is full of strife.  There is constant yelling.  The children are wild and disrespectful to everyone.  She is miserable.  How my heart breaks for her...

Bimla shared with her about how much love we share in our little humble home, how we treat each other with respect, and it's all because of Jesus.  Oh, how thankful I am for Jesus' example on that Maundy Thursday of washing his disciples feet.  Of his words of instructions... "So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them..."(matthew 7:12).  I think of that verse on a daily basis with Bimla.  If I don't want to do it, I don't ask her to do it.  If I'm feeling tired, I tell her to go get some cold water and take a rest.  I tell her thank you often every day, because I am so grateful for her help.  Thank you, Jesus, for being the difference in our home, for teaching us the way to value each other, your precious sons and daughters...

Just yesterday, I was watching the car pull into the driveway across the street, I noticed how the guard who opened the gate seemed to not exist to the driver.  And I wondered, do those workers ever hear "Thank you"?  I asked Bimla this, and she almost spit out her food.  Of course they don't.  And it all the sudden dawned on me,... I would much rather have a helper like Bimla, with a few dust bunnies in the corners, because we were sitting and talking over a cup of chai, than have spotless floors that I yelled my way into having...

Lord, help me to see everyone with your eyes, not to ever take anyone for granted.  Let our family be a light in a dark place, that is shining of your love for all those around us!  Thank you for the gift of Bimla, the friend that she is to me, the auntie that she is to my children, and the help that she is to our home.  You are so good, Father!


  1. This is a beautiful tribute. What a blessing from God!

  2. I love this post. Such a great reminder to be aware of others around us and trying to avoid the comparison game. Beautiful.

  3. This makes me miss our sweet helper (Miss Freida) from Sri Lanka that helped us daily in Kuwait. She sounds a lot like Bimla. Miss Freida was like a grandmother to my children. It is because of her that we chose to pursue adoption from that region. I wish I could find her to let her know the impact she had on our lives. Thanks for sharing !

  4. I am caught in the comparison game & am reminded that in our little complex we are the light. The others might have a tidy house with everything in order - but we don't see it all.
    Thank you for this reminder...
    Christine M.

  5. What an amazing testimony. Thanks for sharing.
    ~Alicia (Roseana's friend from Nebraska)