Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tapestry: Year 2 Week 24 - Dissenters in America and the Age of Reason

We had a fantastic week this week!  We're getting into the early years of American history.  We've been studying the thirteen colonies, how they each were started, and unique thigns in their histories.  Mom has learned a lot! :)  This week, we focused on Pennsylvania and it's founder, William Penn.

We also started reading The Courage of Sarah Noble by Alice Dalgliesh this week.  It's been a fun book, especially for Kiryn.  I have a Memoria Press Lit. Guide that goes with it, so we've just been working through the questions out loud together after each chapter.  It's been a lot of fun!

We get to read such great books with Tapestry each week! 

Levi and Meryn have to stay entertained somehow....

Luke is such a big helper... 

Kiryn is loving this book!

One of our activities this week was to plant a garden like colonialists.  Since we don't have a yard, we improvised...  

We planted sunflowers, morning glories, three kinds of lettuce, and basil. 

All our pots, ready to grow! I hope something happens!

Our next activity this week was to make copybooks.  We do a lot of copywork, so i thought this was a fun idea.  In colonial times, kids would make a special cover for their copybooks.  

I know, I'm crazy, I let them do this on the carpet! : ) 

Luke's finished copybook.

We added Pennsylvania and Delaware to our map of the colonies this week.

Our last project was to make an almanac. An Almanac is a special calendar.  In colonial days, people would make their own almanacs and sell them with funny jokes, witticisms, and other things included.  One of the most famous almanacs was Poor Richard's Almanac.  Luke and Kiryn made their own Poor Luke's and Poor Kiryn's Almanacs. 

We had a lot of fun with Tapestry this week.  And of course, we're continuing on with grammar, math, Bible, and all those other fun things! : ) 

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  1. Look's like a lot of fun learning going on this week! I grew lettuce in pots on my balcony when I lived up north. I wanted salad! Love your copy books! LS