Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tapestry of Grace Year 3-Week 8 & 9: South America in Transition

Howdy!!  I'm blogging two weeks together, because we did a bit of traveling in between, and have three weeks where we did two weeks of school.  

I love the Classical Conversations Trivium Tables. Luke is doing Table 2 and Kiryn is doing Table 1.  She likes to leave me little notes instead of doing her work.  

In Artistic Pursuits we did gold (silver) leaf art.  Below, Luke imitated the decorations around the piano. He did a great job!

This week, we learned about bases and acids with our indicator, cabbage juice.  It sure was stinky, but they loved this experiment!

We continued with our study of South America these last two weeks and really enjoyed studying the geography more in-depthly.  

And, just for some fun, here are some funny art that was produced this week.

This was in Meryn's school book.  Only in India do they draw cars with black smoke coming out the back. Ha!

This masterpiece is by Kiryn.  Check out the middle:

Well, it's hard to keep these things out of family life. :)  Might as well laugh about it! 
We're taking a break next week, and we'll be back at it at the end of October!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tapestry of Grace Year 3-Week 7: Reshaping Europe and South America

Week 7! Hard to believe we are already almost finished with the first nine weeks of this year!

We did a really fun science experiment this week!  The kids asked to do it again and again!  They learned that the presence of calcium in hard water means water doesn't bubble up with soap as much as regular water. Chemistry is fun!

I love how Elemental Science requires the kids to draw pictures and make observations and conclusions in their notebooks for each experiment!  

This week we began a three week study on the formation of South America and Simon Bolivar, the Libertador!  I had never studied his life before, so I learned a ton about the history of South America and how it was influenced by what was going on in Europe and North America.  We loved the title "South America: The Continent and its Countries."  It was published by Tapestry of Grace I think, specifically for this year.  It was the perfect combination of fun activities and information.  This week, we learned about Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador. 

The kids also LOVED this book about Adoniram Judson.  They asked to read it all day long.  We couldn't finish it fast enough for them.  A great story of his life told gently enough for children.  We all enjoyed hearing about how much he wanted to come to India, but wasn't allowed to stay here!

The beginnings of a three week mapping project of South America.  I love these Tapestry maps!

And, here's a random picture of Kiryn doing a nature study for Classical Writing Primer.  She's been going outside and finding a leaf, and we've been searching a great site I found to match it to the type of tree it comes from.  Then she's to write about the tree, draw pictures of the leaf and the seed.  She's been having a lot of fun with this!

It was a great week, and we're looking forward to getting more into South America the next two weeks!