Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Get a Police Clearance Report.... or not...

Today I set out to get a police clearance from India.  I went first to the police station closest to our house.  They said I needed to go to a different police office.  
So I went there.  
I knew I’d never find it on my own, so I found an auto driver, told him where I wanted to go, and told him I’d follow him in the car.  All 7 of the guys in the room were very helpful and friendly.  They listened for awhile, had quite a bit of discussion, then told me I needed to go to the District Police Center in the collectorate circle.  
So I went there.  
Well, I went to the wrong building first, but finally found the right place.  I went to the supposed right office and explained what I needed.  These guys didn’t seem too interested in listening or helping, and told me they didn’t do anything for foreigners, that I needed to go to the FRO.  They showed me a piece of paper in Hindi that supposedly said all foreigners have to go the FRO (Foreigners Registration Office).  
So I went there. 
An hour and a half and one cup of masala chai later, (all the while I’m singing in my head the song from Mary Poppins where the kids sings, “We won’t hide your spectacles so you can’t see, put toads in your bed, or pepper in your tea.....”), the right man arrived.  Meanwhile, I had all the other guys in the office loving the fact that I need this so I can adopt a child.  When I explained to them, they just smiled and said, “What is this???? It’s a good thing.”  They were really nice.  I was actually thankful for the waiting time, because every step of this had been done in Hindi, and my brain was fried. : )
So, at length, the right man came, and told me that the FRO does not issue police clearance reports and I needed to go to District Police Center in the collectorate circle.  Hmmm... I told them I’d already been there.  So the man gave me his number, said when I go back if they tell me the same thing, to call him and let him explain.  “But don’t give the phone to the top man, only to the lower man.”  You got it, buddy!
So, I’m of in the morning to try again.  It took too long to do all of that for me to get back to the DPC today.  Praying for better success tomorrow... 

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