Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Orphanage Closures in Ethiopia

We received sad news today that MOWA, who oversees orphans and adoptions in Ethiopia, is closing or has closed as many as 40 orphanages this week.  This means that any children who came from those orphanages will not be granted letters by MOWA for their court cases to be passed.  Some of these children have already met their would-have-been adoptive parents, and their parents have been to court.  This is a very sad situation for these families.

We will be praying for these families and lifting them up in this difficult time of grief and loss, and praying that God would make a way...

I'm so thankful to say that our agency was not affected at all by these closures.  Thank you, Lord, for your mercy...

In other world adoption news, the State Department posted this week that India is temporarily suspending the acceptance of new dossiers/application for foreign adoptions.  They said India is back logged with cases and hoping to catch up and plan to re-open the end of September.  Again this morning, Paul and I were amazed at how God knows all... if we were still pursuing India we would likely not have our dossier completed, but be getting close, and would not be able to submit it now until at least the end of September... but something tells me it could take longer than they expect to get caught up.  Living here has taught me that they tend to under-estimate these kind of things. : )

So, this morning, we are humbled and thankful to be in the situation we are in, knowing that many families have just received devastating news.  Thankful to the Lord for not choosing us to go through these trials, and praying for strength for those he has chosen to bless with these difficulties...

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about that with MOWA. Wow! Indeed, everyone can see God's gentle hand guiding the creation and completion of your family. Praying for that match to come through.