Friday, July 29, 2011

Tapestry of Grace Year One: Week One highlights

This week we began by studying the ancient Egyptian civilization.  Here are some photo highlights of what the kids did this week.  It was a great week, and I'm amazed at what we accomplished, and all the arts and crafts we did!
Decorating our notebook covers, while pretending to be pirates, for some reason...

K LOVES math... who knew?  

Writing With Ease copywork.

We made Egyptian paddle dolls. This was a big hit, and still is. 

Keeping it real.  The house after school on Wednesday...

L's  note-booking activity after our history readings. 

The obligatory rolling up with toilet paper as a mummy. : )

We made salt maps to learn about geographic terms like cliffs, peninsulas, mountain ranges, deltas, and more.

Then we celebrated finishing our first week of school by having donuts today! :)

And even I learned a few things... 
-Did you know that Egyptians mostly all, men and women alike, shaved their heads and wore wigs due to the extreme heat? 
-Did you know Egyptian farmers trained monkeys to climb up trees and throw down fruit to them?

This was a great week, a much better week than I could have envisioned.  The kids loved it and it went really smoothly.  Loving it....


  1. Wow! You've already started! You really have been planning.... I haven't hardly started! That's okay though, I'm just going to steal ideas from you and learn by watching this blog.... glad I checked this out! I am looking forward to getting started, it looks great. I just have a little organizing to do... excuse me while I go read the past post! : )

  2. I know, we started early! But I'm trying to plan around a visa run in August, a grandparents visit in September, and a probable trip to Ethiopia sometime before Christmas. So I figured we'd start a bit early. : ) If you want to talk about it, let's Skype! I'd love to talk as we go through this together! :)

  3. Oh My!!!! I am beyond impressed with all of this! You are doing such a great job! Its all soooo creative! I want to come to school at your house! Praying for you as you continue through the year! Keep going! Its awesome!

  4. So glad you are enjoying TOG! It looks like it was lots of fun. :)