Friday, September 2, 2011

Tapestry of Grace Year 1: Week 5

I had to photograph this.  Maybe e-mail should be one of
L's spelling words.
This week was quite a bit slower than last week.  We continued on with our skills work, L is doing really well with his writing and getting better and better at listening and reading comprehension.  It's so amazing to watch them learn and pick up on things! I love it!

L doing his math work.  In a week or two we're trying out
a new program, Horizons.  Hoping it challenges L more.
Our history study this week took a look at ancient Mesopotamia and the Sumer civilization. We read about walled cities and what kinds of things kids would learn in school, like writing in cuneiform on clay tablets.  We learned about how cities in Sumer each had a ziggurat in the center of the city which served as a religious center.  They were  high towers built to reach up to the heavens.  This is probably
what the Tower of Babel was.  We read the story of the Tower of Babel from Genesis and a couple of other story books about it.  And at the end of the week, we built our very own ziggurat.  Since the paint bottles you can buy here hold about two ounces of paint, and all I had was a big bottle of purple tempera paint, we made ourselves a purple ziggurat. : )

L and K also had a great time with their art lesson this week.  It was about how artists imagine and we worked with watercolor crayons. I've never seen these before, and they loved it.  I love their drawings!

L drew a picture of what he imagined it will be like to pick
Grammy and Papa up at the airport tomorrow morning.
K says, "This is Rapunzel sitting on the tree looking
at the lanterns and stars like on her wall in the movie.  I'm imagining
Grammy and Papa watching Tangled with me." So sweet!

We had a blast this week, having a bit of a slower pace and doing a fun big project.  Now we're all geared up for my parents to arrive for a week long visit tomorrow morning bright and early!!

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  1. I was looking for ideas for our TOG week and my son saw your blog over my shoulder. He says I just *have* to tell you that he super likes your site :)